The storm passed by..

An update to the blog post below and accurate measure / report of the storm can be found in the Antigua Observer today

Original blog follows..I think it was tropical storm chantal and I saw a water shoot or tornado at sea on the front cover today.

A storm that plagued the islands of Barbados and St Lucia (so I was told by a local guy) missing us yesterday still brought a bit more rain and higher winds which made Dickenson Bay a bit less fun as the sand was whipping up. We still had some fun and it was cruise ship day and we got to spy on the developments for the Halcyon Rex – they are increasing the shade around the BBQ and entertainment areas (that much we can see).

Today we will swing around and skip the beach doing some shopping and enjoying other people’s AC like at woods mall. We did swap out our rental car yesterday as an upgrade as I was feeling flush for some unknown reason. We are now enjoying the extra space of the Suzuki Vitara and left the Hyundai Terios behind which grew on me but was a little small in some ways. I hope to pick up a small sim for the iphone today we shall see.


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