Halcyon Cove Resort Review by Rex Resorts

We are return visitors here (which tells you a lot) and are like many fed up to be told the lack of whatever it is is due to low levels of occupancy. I have made friends with a lot of staff members who do work hard to please. Let down by a poor infrastructure of service (poor selection of drinks due to low stocks) each day being told we expect it tomorrow.

Its a very poor show and this is a very different hotel than we found last year. We won’t be coming back but equally I would recommend as there is none better except the pricy Sandals – another class. It’s improvements are welcome but the lack of day entertainment child care and activities on offer is frankly ridiculous. Its easy to fix stuff with re-employing key staff that have been cut back or lost for whatever reason. When informing management no changes transpire and you just know it is largely ignored. They really do bank on the beach but right now I can’t recommend it as I would like to. The tennis courts were not very accommodating either is it a part of the resort or not ? This resort is actually owned by the Antiguan government and leased by the rex resorts group and then it starts to make more sense why anything is never really developed. Even things like brown water in the bathtub really shouldn’t happen though I know this is not all the rooms and can be fixed.

Bad Points (all can be fixed)

Odd evenings of entertainment (though it is claimed to be daily) Warri pier closed – the restaurant which is far better than the other interior restaurant that is ok but nothing really special.

Good Points

Beach – excellent and very close to the rooms good facilities beach bar and BBQ nice
Small distances to walk, Staff very friendly and attentive.


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