Fig Tree Drive

I love this drive in the direction heading towards the beaches of the south west like Carlise bay and Darkwood beach by then it is no longer fig tree drive but to me its still part of a great route that you can do yourself by car. The biggest hazard are the potholes that you could camp inside ! Features are the friendly communities you should take some time to stop in and buy some mangoes or other fruits in. Locals sometime bring their cars to the small stream to wash their cars. A 4×4 isn’t needed for this run but take it slow until you know the width of the car and where the tyres sit for the darn holes…

There are a big variety of fruit trees along the drive not just figs – try going bananas ! Fig is actually the name for banana in Antigua.

banana tree

Banana Tree – You could live without money in Antigua with what grows locally – but we prefer to drink rum.


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