Dinner at Dennis

Dennis Restaurant Ffryes beach Antigua

It has been a couple of days with a bit less than usual sun and this evening the heavens opened somewhat always bringing high winds and like I sometimes do or don’t think (I often think and ignore the thoughts) and decided to eat out in an exposed restaurant.  Of course I made the assumption we had seen the last of the storm but in fact it seemed to be circling us like some bald eagle. I meant vulture google just failed me on ‘birds that appear when you are nearly dying to eat you’. But I got there in the end with just my memory.

Dennis Restaurant

Dennis Restaurant

It does get somehow scary when it sounded like the new renovations to Denni’s main restaurant seemed to be blown away with a crash ! The animals came in – a cat and dog and they came of course close to us. It was like a mini huddle – there was a waitress and the cook who were also around making sure we were ok. I have to say excellent service. I think they would have preferred to leave early for the night and then we go and ruin their plan. That was all in my mind if it were true they didn’t show that at all. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dennis-Cocktail-Bar-Restaurant/207949312617303

ffryes beach

So the rain started to come down and it was blowy but we huddled near the counter where earlier the water hadn’t reached and indeed this part of my plan had worked – but light sprinkles of water came at the same time as shrill winds ripped through our tropical dress. It was a bit chilly. And Emily kept talking about hurricanes and how she had wanted to be in one !

I think we ate faster than normal after summer had got scared at some point by I think the rain and wind not the animals. However they seemed to get the blame and the cook comically had to assert his authority with my daughter starting to scream too with the added panic. To be fair it did seem like she was pointing to them. The dog and cat clearly didn’t want to go ‘out there’ ! They couldn’t understand what they had done and that this was their place. The cook had to get closer to them and the fact that they were ignoring him and his demands made it comical to me. You see I have been there before trying to get something done and animals have been in the way. I used to have a dog that would get around your feet while you were trying to manoeuvre to perform open heart surgery. You couldn’t do it at all in a thunderstorm.

Ffryes beach antigua.

Ffryes beach as seen from Dennis.


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