Antigua Hawksbills first home game WIN !

The Antigua Hawksbills played their first home game against the top of the league tridents from Barbados.
Antigua started very positively and were able to take wickets with ease (see cotterel), the total to chase was just 98. That total wasn’t exactly achieved in great style and I am left to think that the top order batting has to improve should the Hawks like to progress higher up the table. However the bowling and fielding needed to be applauded which I duly did along with all the other home fans. I got lost on the way after leaving JH at 7pm for an 8 o’clock start maybe not early enough. One of the ticket sales advisors for digicel was telling me that there was no available parking at the stadium. Anyway I decided there must be some around about and indeed there was  lot. I don’t know what planet you were on desi ?

Sir Viv Richards Stadium

Sir Viv Richards Stadium – opening night for the Hawksbills.


Sir Viv Richards Stadium

The wicket.

Sir Viv Richards Stadium

View from the party stand.

Sir Viv Richards Stadium

Sir Viv Richards Stadium and the Antigua Hawksbills Vs Barbados Tridents.

After driving next to the airstrip as I couldn’t get any other meaningful fix on my location and was lost but then somewhat found by nature of seeing the airport. I decided to ask and got set on the right track and then followed a string of cars and eventually saw the lights. There was ample parking and a great vibe – I was now very happy that my efforts would pay off. The stadium was booming song between bowls and raucous when we took wickets. I decided to go for the party stand which was 5USD extra and needed to walk right round the other side of the stadium. I also had a long walk for tickets and a bit of a wait – the woman selling them in JH had left early (typical).

I was most pleased to watch the team some of whom I had met in the Halycon Rex like Ricky Ponting and Ben Rohrer and assitant coach Phil de Freitas.

Sir Richard Branson was there and cruising around doing some PR alongside was t20 cricket royalty Darren Sammy who gave me a wave as I yobbishly shouted ‘Yo Sammy’ ! Awesome I am such a child.

Here is a much better match report. And it has only just occurred to me the the hawksbill is a turtle not a bird ! Of course this I know as I am a big scuba diving fan !



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