Parham the old capital and harbour.

It was the original town because of the natural Harbour and is quite a small area to explore. There is little in the way of refreshment and if any place could hold a decent western run or Antiguan run restaurant it would be here. I found the place very charming probably due to the quiet in part or the so many small traditional houses with chickens running around and the beautiful water of course. There is no natural beach that we found and some people may think I’m mad for liking it by saying there is nothing there.

We then drove around via the Naval base area and saw the Waddadli brewery and the desalination plant and one if not the only Power Plant. So big industry is here. A small shack served me some sweet and sour chicken for 10EC – East Caribbean Dollar. Photos coming up.

On the way I maybe got a 1/3 tank of gas for just 40 EC = 10 pounds – some things at least are relatively cheap.

Its the big game tonight and I will try and wind my way across to the stadium from around 7pm.


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