Best Diving in Antigua ?

A mini scuba diving story today diving in Antigua with Indigo Divers out of Jolly Harbour (back of castaways). First dive site Jigsaw second keys.

Met up with new divers Dave and Catherine very good underwater as was another two guys picked up from Carlisle Bay Resort by boat just outside there.
The diving was the usual 20ft visibility at this time of year and fine for enjoying diving.

red banded coral shrimp

Red banded coral shrimp

I did my checks at home and yet still managed to forget my wetsuit – 5 minutes out no time to double back for it ! So lets see how I fare in 29 degree water without a wetsuit. I always state that I get cold fast at least until today I figured I was one of those. I felt that I got cold as I would do only in the last 5 minutes of the Jigsaw dive site. Maybe it was because I was getting on with enjoying the trigger fish, 2 nurse sharks – ok no reef shark today as found here and the rest..

Peacock Flounder

Turtles x2 I missed them but did find two hermit crabs in conch shells and some good sized trunk fish blowing in the sand to release food. Juvenile and adult drum fish -a  good shoal of bream looking fish and a ray resting his wings in the sand. Oh yes a Peacock Flounder on the last dive too. And today I decided not to bring my camera – but maybe this made the dives so much more enjoyable.

Trunk Fish

We had quite a ride to get back to Jolly Harbour so we had time to do that what divers do and meet more. Catherine and Dave were a lovely couple and Catherine herself is the woman behind Undercover Glamour ! Dave is off to do some Spear Fishing

Spear Fishing

and they are staying in the exclusive Jumby Bay Resort.

I am now back and showered and in need of a shave..It’s a rainy day so I am going to get on with contacting some folk and maybe get the razor out in time for happy hour at the crows nest.


2 responses to “Best Diving in Antigua ?

  1. I agree it was fab diving. Amazing seeing the Nurse Sharks and I saw lots of Hawksbill Turtles on my dives as it is their Nesting Season. Nice diving with you.. Catherine


    • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment – I missed the turtles. Went out diving yesterday and the visibility was really impressive – much different than when I have always dived here and how I hear it is during the winter months. Second dive was with some DSD’s and the vis was again the normal 15-20 ft. so it varied so much between spots.


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