Diving – yet again joined by sharks in Antigua.

Not just nurse sharks but the Caribbean Grey Reef shark graced us with his or her presence today. We dived off of Cades Reef both outside and inside and as opposed to yesterday the waves were much bigger today but under the water this posses no problem. We saw over the 2 dives maybe 10 lobsters and a bunch or other regulars. New was an eel garden which I have seen before just not in Antigua. The second dive was monks head and this is a very nice second dive site an elongated oval of maybe 70ft ‘monks scalp’ provides the interest with conch shells around and coral islands.
Donald was actively trying to rid the reef of the lionfish which represents a danger to the local fishes who are not learning to eat it so well yet since it has horrid spines with poison around its girth ‘the lions main’.


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