Tales from the tropics – substitute shirt

Its not often that Nassan comes to my rescue but the story goes..

I forgot to fill up the rental car and already it was past 2 the time they were going to fill it up, this I realised as I dropped some food left over to John. So had to wind my way back to south finger barriers – arggggg to get the number for the car rental people also thinking that I had next to no credit left.

So managed to get through and I had time to get a fill up (glad I didn’t hang around for you guys) but at this point I also realised I needed some credit later on my phone. I was at the Epicurean supermarket and was thinking – damn I didn’t bother to throw on a shirt. Nassan was right there ‘hey buddy’ they not gonna let you in without a shirt on. He was already offering to lend it to me, I had to do it. It wasn’t so bad and didn’t smell too much.  I am not sure what people made of the exchange but they were looking ! Even by Antiguan standards this was new. So today Nassan earned his change and indeed I will throw a couple of shirts his way as I have some to get rid of that are no longer good for me.

Oh yes got the number wrong for the topup too, so John is the lucky winner – but he is very kindly dropping me at the airport anyway.

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