Cruise ships and their hard ball business

I read this Cruise ship interview article and it was a short interesting read. Nothing really in depth and more of an add ! Also not possible to comment as I would have liked.

So I would like to ask the Caribbean cruise industry about how their hard nosed business are killing the local tour operator. I mean I don’t want to ask them how they are doing it I know that already I want to ask if there could ever be a softening to the percentages. It just sucks.

Essentially they have a captive market (or do they ?) or people wanting to do day tours in Antigua and they offer the local tour operators like Bo Tours or even direct operators a really poor percentage in return for guaranteed bookings. There is a take it or leave it kind of attitude as I was explained. Well here is the cruise ships chance to clarify their stance and policy company by company.

I think it is fair to say that the cruise ship could deserve a better rate for the actual service and getting the customer to the island but the rates I have heard about are simply unfair. Lets face it it would be hard without them so saying no is not an option for many. I don’t like the work one day per week attitude that this can create among some locals. Make all your money and leave. Well thats fine really not my business but it does hurt the ‘look’ of a place slightly to the tourist who sees a bunch of dead roadside stalls. I am more worried about the lifestyle that individual is going to be guided down. I am digressing..missing the point now.
Oh yes bitching about cruise ships – here is your chance – go for it. COMMENT !