Antigua Scuba Diving

I’m missing it all – the best time of year for visibility and shark spotting though there was no shortage last summer. Here is an american chap who dived with us working out of the base on Antigua. I will hopefully pluck out some fishy photos as well.

Antigua Diving

America Underwater

Meet the Flamingo Tongue – You will see many of these here in Antigua but not so on other Caribbean islands. Its a very pretty kind of snail and mollusk. This particular one has a slightly different pattern than the norm.

Flamingo Tongue

Cyphoma gibbosum = Flamingo Tongue

And a closer look at the Flamingo Tongue..

Flamingo Tongue Close Up

Get to learn more about the locals in Antigua.

The more common pattern can be seen here

The more common pattern.

The more common pattern.

Trunk Fish

Trunk Fish

I think this fish is an adult Trunk Fish – when they are juvenile they look like small football.



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