Electricity in Antigua Plugs and Adapters

A great tip is to email your hotel in advance to find out what sockets they use and what voltage it is. In Antigua you can find both 110v and 220v. In a lot of villas in Jolly Harbour you get both in the same property but normally it is well labelled as such. You can see sometimes the actual transformer is installed and I can never work out why they did this. In the case of Villa Sariel has 110v US sockets and 220v UK style sockets for convenience.

Don’t take a risk – it’s up to you to check. My macbook air worked fine in the normal wall adapter everywhere we went but it is like MOST laptops dual voltage the transformer detects and works accordingly.

You will have to check what voltage your appliance is rated at. You can do this by looking on the charger or block off the power cable if not on the device itself. If it is labelled like 110V-240V ~ 50/60Hz then thats great news and you will just need the correct pin adapter (changer).
Hairdryers are commonly not going to work on 110 if they are made for the uk market for example they run too slowly. I am thinking if you plug a US hairdryer into an English socket its going to go get very hot and break maybe even catch on fire ?

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