World court: Disputed islands belong to Colombia

Ok its a bit old but a very interesting piece. Colombia not often considered a part of the Caribbean – Nicaragua neither while I say.

Repeating Islands

The International Court of Justice ruled Monday that a group of tiny islands in the western Caribbean belongs to Colombia, but also granted Nicaragua control of a large swath of the surrounding sea and seabed that could hold oil reserves, the Associated Press reports.

Based on evidence presented to the judges by lawyers for both nations, “Colombia and not Nicaragua has sovereignty over the islands,” the court’s President Peter Tomka told delegations from both sides.

Despite having its sovereignty claim over the islands rejected, Nicaragua hailed the ruling as a victory.

“Colombia was acting like it was the owner of these islands and like it was owner of all the maritime territory, and the court told them no, that’s not how it is,” Nicaragua’s representative at the court, Carlos Arguello, told the country’s national television channel from The Hague. “We’ve been given very important maritime territory.”

The ruling gave Nicaragua…

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