Antigua Holiday : Day One

Arrival into ANU I was met by Titi who took me to the office to get payment sorted and a car organised. I was given a small Jeep that has dash controls similar to my mums old Nissan Sunny that I procured from her and that was my first car that I could rely on ! I digress – it was good to be back in Antigua.

A short stay of 7 nights is what my internal doc ordered. A list of priority of things to buy from Baileys the supermarket next to Sweet T’s ice cream parlour. I was slightly hungry as Virgin Atlantic serve those finger sandwiches that taste great but don’t fill you up. So Sweet T’s helped me with an island burger and fries.
As a priority I needed a large 5 litres bottle and refill from that. Staying longer I might have gone for a bigger one that you can barely pickup and carry yourself return the empty thing to get the deposit on the bottle at the end. They are a pain as you need to also get a pump unless you elect to DIY and decant the h2o its awkward but it reminds me of my early days around and about in the Caribbean so it feels like a homely task. A can of Off – however I have to say that the mozzies have not really been getting at me straight away as they normally do. I am here at the beginning of Feb so perhaps that’s why. And Nacho’s and rum punch – the latter a guilty pleasure. I did spot English Harbour was 41 ECD as a ref point – the can of Off

insect repelants

One of the best insect repelants – off !

was 24 ish. It’s around 2.6 ECD to the USD. That’s right around 9 USD ! Nothing that is imported to Antigua ends up being cheap. Barter hard for those mangos they grow on trees here in season. Or you might like to just pick some off one of the trees in your Vacation Rental Property.
There was not much of a conclusion to the rest of the evening I did drop by the drop in bar a favourite of the yachties in English Harbour. And I have to say it’s a buzzing place all around and the harbour is full as we are outside of Hurricane season – the boats leave the Caribbean during that time generally as they cannot get insured. To say it has an effect on Antigua’s tourism would understate it which is a shame as I regularly get a cheaper Caribbean Holiday during the summer time and in fact the weather is very nice and the risk low.
It was difficult for me to find my way back home especially as my jeep didn’t have great lights. I am happy with the studio ‘Goat Rock’ Studio– when you stay by yourself its nice to have a smaller space.


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