Day Seven – My last full day on the island

I decided to stay quite local so that I would just need to run my car to the airport – 1 hour was plenty from Falmouth to get petrol (sorry gas) and it kind of makes you feel how complicated my world in the UK is when its oh so simple in the Caribbean. The other reason is I was busy visiting friends scattered about the island so I felt that I was always in my damn rental car.

I guess the charms had come back in just a week yes just what the doc ordered. The phantom was packed away and I was clocking off from duty today.

So pigeon beach was the best bet for me and didn’t disappoint I elected to go to Bumpkin’s for a drink or two to take on the beach while I tried to get some colour. I met a girl I recognised from a long time ago who worked at sweet T’s this is one of the nice things about Antigua –doesn’t seem to change. You know what you’re getting.
It was time to leave Goat Studio and leave the island until next time.

I went straight through security at ANU and bought my English Harbour 5 year which doesn’t come in a litre bottle annoyingly which is one mans limit. However I am sure many of you go home clanking down the victoria line ! It’s not going to be as smooth as the Mount Gay XO (extra old) that stuff went down TOO damn easy and left me with the feeling that I just flew first class and slept all the way !!! (That was my trip in Barbados last year ). Not that I have ever flown first class.

It was really really nice to see and stay in Falmouth while in season, however I am designed for the Dickenson Bay arrondisment.

I did buy these wonderful magnetic balls that are such fun they are in a big bin and you have a bag and so long as you can close the bag its like 11 USD. So that made a couple of gifts – some suzzie hot sauce and just enough ECD (Eastern Caribbean Dollars) left for the most expensive rum punch on the island.
Me Ga-wan


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