Antigua Holiday 2016 – Day 1

A light dusting of snow greeted us stupid o’clock but we had managed to become child free for a weeks all inclusive in Antigua – we were up early to catch our 10:20 am flight from gatwick to Antigua. Everything went to plan apart from a delay of around 45 minutes waiting to get de iced on the tarmac. Most unusual to be delayed when on a BA flight in my experience.
Landing in the NEW Antigua airport was a treat. I confess I have been here before and wanted to intro my travel partner the joys of Shirley Heights on a Sunday (TODAY – starting actually right now…) I needed to complete my car rental formalities and had exceptional service from Chase rental cars. We were in the resort 17 minutes later and contemplating if it would still be worth it as the sun was going to be already set in Shirley Heights. I was glad that we both went in the end and got to enjoy the vibe, 20 ECD (EC for short Eastern Caribbean Dollars) for entry apparently the sun already going down didn’t get a discount. The music was of course including Bob but also more modern contemporary live covers from the likes of Amy Whinehouse. We enjoyed the lights over English Harbour and had a dance or three. This summed up the days events driving home was defensive in sight of Antiguan’s driving gets more and more sketch as the sun goes down and its really hard to see stuff we take for granted so its concentration time for the 40 minute ride home to the north west from the south east. Diagonally cutting the island interestingly the left half of that cut contains most of the touristic stuff.
Some pics – sorry for the quality …


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