Antigua Tours – A guide on what to pick for your personal taste

Where to start if you have never visited Antigua and want to get the most out of your trip ?

Cruise Shippers

You may be visiting for the day like most people coming from the cruise ship. Thankfully Antigua is very respectful to you when you disembark and you will have an enjoyable negotiation for organising your beach visit or tour or taxi. However despite the lack of undue pressure you get in some destinations you should still have your beach stop or island tour worked out in advance. You don’t have the time to get it wrong. So book ahead and get met at the dock ! It’s smart even if you are just hiring a taxi to get you to the best beach.

Visit the best ANTIGUA TOURS now.


Resist the temptation to stay in the comfort of your resort all week and do at least 2 half day tours even if you are staying for a week. It is a shame to miss out on Antigua . Resorts are great but they are bubbles purposely so you will really start to love your holiday EVEN MORE if you leave the resort ! You might think that you have time to work out your tour when you are there but the reality may be poor wifi and inflated prices at the tour desk. Yes you know you will feel the loyalty to book that tour after the tour desk operator has gone over it and for most people the ease of this method despite the extra maybe 25% cost per person is the preferred method. However consider the problem is not one of price but choice. This is why you should read through now and start to get the ideas in your head that you can process on the drive to the airport for later booking.

For places to stay in Antigua visit the BA’s resort page now.

Antigua Tours

Antigua Tours


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