Leatherback Turtles Hatch on Jolly Beach

While staying in the Jolly Beach Resort last november we came across a nice turtle story.

Unfortunately it didn’t happen to ourselves but the kind couple regaled a wonderful event when they were witness to turtles hatching and helping them get to the water. Some were going in the wrong direction which sounded strange. Anyway they (Ali King and Colin – many thanks) got the pictures across to Best Antigua and here they are.

Here is the what happened -”

So if it’s not too late, we were standing at the bar when Robyn, the barman, came and asked for some plastic glasses.  We asked Neil, the other barman, what Robyn wanted them for and he told us there were a load of leatherback turtles 🐢 hatched out.  So we collected some glasses and helped him put them into the sea, as some were making their way to the bar and the dance floor!!


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