East Caribbean Dollar : Antigua Money Exchange Rates

Canada to Eastern Caribbean Dollar?
US Dollars to Caribbean Dollars?
Pounds to Eastern Dollars?

Travel Money to Antigua

If you are visiting Antigua then it might be wise to download this Antigua Rate Sheet that covers you from Canada the USA and United Kingdom.
I always advise using EC – the short way to say Eastern Caribbean Dollars when in Antigua. Why? Always you get every single amount rounded down to a worse exchange rate if you travel using US dollars. SO try and get your money when in Antigua from the local ATM. Yes you will suffer a fee and maybe a bank fee. Suck that up and its a cost of travel but much better than suffering every single time to buy a beer!

Thanks to Antigua Money for the image use. Please feel free to download and take this with you to Antigua you can quickly check the value of things from the table below.

Antigua Travel Money

Antigua Travel Money


Antigua Exchange Rate

If you want to convert more currency then I recommend xe.com this link is prepared to go straight to the XCD page.


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