New Antigua Travel Video

Expedia have made a new ANTIGUA video and it’s really good. They had a good budget you can tell with some nice crane shots and aerial video. All of the best manicured parts of Antigua are on show. It makes you feel almost that is this MY ANTIGUA!

It’s well narrated and a good watch so why not do that now..would love to get your opinion in the comments below.

Just 3 hours from Miami and 8 from Europe it’s ideally located for a lot of people. Also great airfares currently from Canada means this remains a destination for them too.
From rustic iron roofs – colourful lids, french windows Antigua is a photographer’s delight. The capital St Johns is vibrant and easily discovered – we have a great walking tour on this very site. One of Antigua’s best beaches is Fort James Beach for the cruise shippers. Enjoy a horse ride, or a more modern segway tour. The cathedral is a must do stop if you are in St Johns. So there is more than enough here for a cruise ship stop. For others staying longer the beaches would be worth exploring one by one for a whole year as there are 365! Betty’s hope reveals some of the past of Antigua and the sugar mills and plantation can be seen in it’s internal museum. Antigua is excellent as a place to walk. Not too hilly unless you need that

Shopping in Antigua

Shopping is best done from the quays (redcliffe quay and Heritage quay ) in downtown St Johns. There are plenty of places to take a break have some lunch and a drink too – take it slow.

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