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Those areas really are interesting indeed. I would also add the villas at the north end of Darkwood beach to the stunning list of luxury property featured in this article.

Bad Toilet

There are a lot of islands in the Caribbean and they fall into 4 flavours mostly and then they are all of course unique. The 5 flavours in no particular order are English, French, Spanish, U.S. and Dutch.
If you were to pick 2 English islands you might take the Turks and Caicos and Antigua, 2 French- Guadeloupe and St Martin. US islands like the United States Virgin Islands or the dry Dutch ABC’s Aruba Bonaire and Curacao and the Latin countries who speak Spanish like Dominican Republic and Cuba.
That broad clarification is going to impact greatly your property buying decision. You will maybe already have some idea of a favourite island. Some represent great value as they may be deficient in infrastructure and have little tourism others are politically unique and we all watch Cuba intently. Others are too exclusive and expensive representing exclusivity like…

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