Lionel Messi Chooses Antigua for Honeymoon

Lionel Messi thought by many to be the best footballer that ever lived and currently the best footballer in the world perhaps, it’s all a bit subjective- he’s good at the game!

The newlyweds Lionel and Antonela (Antonela Roccuzzo) chose Jumby Bay Antigua for the honeymoon like these guys too. They got married in Rosario Argentina, his place of birth.

There was an influx of the best football players and stars (Shakira and Neymar +co) in Rosario to help the happy couple celebrate their holy union.

Lionel has been sharing updates of the family honeymoon (yes they took the kids which is kinda cool) on social media.

Here are some videos as the internet tries to capture the interested traffic that this couple have captured probably as much as posh and becks.

Best Antigua wishes you guys health and happiness 🙂

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Sublime footballer SUAREZ and family flew in and joined the messi family in Antigua more here.

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