Hurricane Irma Antigua

Update July 2018

It is almost a year now since the Hurricane hit and this is an awesome video by marc and the excellence boat that really brings home the devastation and sadness that feels like it is still there. Also the Barbudan’s are now in a battle to secure their land which the rebuilding effort probably caused. Anyway onto the video

Update 3rd October

The Washington Post leads with aftermath reports on Barbuda.

Update 13th Sept

The estimated cost of rebuilding the damage caused by Hurricane Irma is estimated to be 250-300 Million Dollars. Here is more as PM Gaston Browne was interviewed by TIME.

Update 9th Sept

Local people with boats are helping get aid and medical staff to Barbuda.

Update 7th Sept

Barbuda destruction is now clearly painfully evident the worst fears have been realised and it is reminding me of the tsunami in Asia that wrecked the surface of the land.

Thanks to the guardian for sharing the info –

Update 10:40 6th Sept

It looks like tough old Antigua has come away a bit dusty. No deaths reported so far.
The main worry is Barbuda, still no word from them. Helicopters are in readiness to go over. @live2hover is reporting that Montserrat is quite ok as Antigua.

More news here –

Update 06:00 6th Sept

There is not much coming from Barbuda that got the brunt of the storm, the eye passed right over the top and reports on twitter showed the winds abating at the centre of the eye which would again pick up. The storm was showing record levels of winds of 180mph. Antigua has also sustained a battering and reports will be coming in today. Subscribe to the updates in this post and send us your photos. Thank you.

Image Source National Hurricane Centre at NOAA

It looks like there is a good chance that Irma is going to hit Antigua and other islands and the category 5 is now making this something to prepare for. Tuesday night will be the timescale for actually feeling what we hope will just amount to tropical storm conditions.

Hurricane Watch


If you want to track the news on the female storm please click here.

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