Antigua holiday booking service

Your Antigua Holiday

Antigua Concierge

by Calvin Crane

antigua booking

The internet it is said is a ‘tool that saves us time’ but often we find ourselves asking one question and getting presented with not an answer but more questions. The incoming info forces us to reevaluate our initial enquiry. Is this good ? (now I am giving you an example of THIS I am asking you a question and maybe you came here for an answer !)

Wouldn’t it be BEST to ask..

“I want to go to Antigua with my family in August – What are the best resorts available and who can I fly with to get there. In short organise my family holiday to Antigua for me. (I can spend a whole day online and get nowhere fast.)”

Go ahead ASK !

If you send us some details I can get looking. Me (I) not We ! I have the resort contacts like any decent concierge and I will contact them and the villas fitting your enquiry. The really good part is that its FREE ! Not FREE in that you will pay somehow. For now I am doing this free I am not taking money from you and you can check the prices I quote you easily that you are not paying me through a side door. I may even be able to get you BEST prices for Antigua Resorts ! Just because I am connected.  You have nothing to loose but 1 minute filling out the email and your enquiry. I will get back to you from 0600 to 0000 GMT when I am in the UK and just -4 hours when I am in Antigua ! I normally have to await that Antigua comes online and to spend the time that you will save. I am happy to research your flights too. Please specify.

Some useful links to make sure you book your holiday safely whatever you do ! My services are free and I won’t take any money from you and I will send you links to fully protected ABTA agents only.

Don’t pay a penny until you make sure the agents are bonded !

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