Amazing Antigua– Tours and Activities for the Cruiseshipper

Cruise ships are on the rise, the advantages are significant being able to move around and even reroute avoiding disaster weather like hurricane Irma to having world class entertainment and relaxation on board. 

Caribbean Cruise

What is a typical caribbean cruise ship circuit?

This is one example departing from San Juan in Puerto Rico a 10 day cruise.

antigua cruise

It’s cruise ship day in San Juan Puerto Rico

Antigua Tours & Activities For Cruise Ship Arrivals

But when you dock in island nations such as Antigua and Barbuda what can you do?

You are limited in that you really don’t want to miss your cruise ship!

Sinking Feeling

Antigua has a rich sailing heritage and you can do some nice day tours around the island by water either sailing or by powerboat. You can also zip line through the rainforest and do other active activities. Of course if you are drooling for a beach then Antigua is perhaps one of the best places to go for the beach day. Fort James Beach is one of the best and close to the cruise ship.

Horse riding is available so too is an island safari. You can also go scuba diving! But some of the more UNIQUE and interesting tours and activities follow.

Swim with Stingrays

Experiencing the love of nature safely

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After the unfortunate death of Steve Irwin by stingray you might be thinking of skipping this tour but the owners of the tour were not at all worried. They are so sure such a thing cannot happen they fully guarantee it. While accidentally stepping on a ray is about the only thing that would trigger a reaction from the barbed tail so in fact your are shown how to shuffle across even though rays don’t allow you to get close to stepping on them at all normally. The chances of an injury exist its very low but death is extremely low. So this is a fascinating tour to do. You can do this tour as part of the Antigua Circumnavigation Boat Tour or as just the Antigua Stingray Tour

Segway Tour

Don’t fear if you have never been on one you can pick it up very quickly. The tour takes around an hour and a half and visits the beach and some old ruins around St James.

Snorkelling and Kayaking Combo

This also includes a visit to Bird Island where you get a bit of hiking in after your kayaking experience. The snorkelling follows that so you get a good variety of things to do. Returning to the house you get to drink a nice earned rum punch and banana bread (its amazing!) setting you up for the evening.
Life is Good!

Calvin fell in love with Antigua culture and has returned many times to the very british of Caribbean islands. He loves to blog about his experiences and share the best of Antigua on his website. please visit and share the love of Antigua and it’s people.

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